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roll your own…sushi

fresh into the new year, stuff yourself and your family with greens!

here comes one of my favorite family dinners, meaning it takes almost no time to prepare, there is something in it for everyone and you get to chose your own ingredients, use what your pantry has to offer.

and it’s a lot of fun to eat….go get your hands dirty!

you need :

lots of different stuff to make it fun :)

nori sheets, cut in ca. 4cm stripes

greens cut in mm thick sticks (eg. cucumber, avocado, carrot, celery…)

nuts, sprouts and seeds (eg chopped brazil nuts, sesame seeds….)

fermented greens like sauerkraut, kimchi...

different “sauces” like peanut butter, tahini etc.

some mild soy sauce without sugar and wheat (eg. nama shoyu)

and of course wasabi!

for the non-raw-vegans amongst you: add some salmon and cooked rice

for the ones that need some more heat just add some miso soup and green tea for completion.

serve everything as a big buffet on your dinner table and have everybody dig in and combine, roll, stuff and munch the way they want to.

only your phantasies set borders, satisfaction guaranteed!

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