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pink raspberry shake

it’s wild raspberry time :)

dealing with the first hot, looong school days.... so what better than a quick fix for the after school dip to get your little bugger up and running again?

for 1 big shake you need:

a hand full of frozen raspberries (all other berries go well)

a hand full of cashews (ideally soaked for about ½ h, but it also works without soaking)

a dash of vanilla powder

400 ml cold water (more if you got unsoaked nuts)

some natural sweetener if needed (honey, acacia syrup, agave syrup….)

combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until very smooth.

in some less strong blender versions you should mix the cashews and the water separately first until it’s creamy.

pour into her favourite glass or bottle, add the only colour straw she accepts and it’ll be gone in a slurp :)

(and so will the school hangover)

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