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more nice cream :)   cinnamon & peanut butter

some warming ingredients for the colder season…

now, I really really had to try this out!

squash, as they call it in Sweden… zucchini-ice cream =:o

As it’s season and I got the garden full of it.

see here how it went:

for 4 cups of 2 “balls” you need:

cinnamon nice cream:

150 g of white zucchini meat (uncooked and frozen in smaller pieces)

1 big banana (frozen in small pieces)

1 tbsp of cinnamon 1 tbsp of honey (if needed)

some cacao nibbs as sprinkle

peanut butter nice cream

300 g of white zucchini meat (uncooked and frozen in smaller pieces)

2 dl of crunchy peanut butter

a dash of Himalaya salt 1 tbsp of honey

for each flavour you put all ingredients into a food processor (or strong mixer)

and blend until you get a fluffy, well worked ice cream dough.

ready to serve and eat RIGHT AWAY!!!

This a good alternative to all the “nutty ice cream bases (if you let go of the peanut of course) go ahead and try to flavour it with anything else, berries, fruit etc…

and the shells of the zucchini you use for a “filled” version, a soup or you already made them into zucchini “noodles” (spiralized them, in this case the white stuff was the left over ;) )

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