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rainbow warrior


being on the war-trip against colds, tiredness and other fall diseases I created this strong boost with plenty of healthy content.

I followed the rule: eat a rainbow everyday (in this case “drink”) and had all colours of a rainbow into my blender.

And what happens when you mix all rainbow’s colours?

Yea! It turns warrior black-grey.

I promise it tastes more fruity than it seems, but I somehow like this strong look, it for sure fought away all oncoming sneezes!

for 1,5 liters of this blend I used:

1 banana (yellow) 5 fresh apricots (orange)

a handful of lingonberries (red)

a handful of blueberries (blue)

1 dl spirulina powder (mighty green) ½ liter of apple juice

and 3 cm of fresh ginger for more taste

just blend, slurp and get fresh :*

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