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raw vegan herring treats


another “go ahead and fake your best” tip, not to be called recipe, because it’s more about how to dare and try out, wanting to give you ideas on how you can go about when not eating the “real thing” but wanting both the taste, consistency and the look.

search also for last years’ recipe on “fake herring” if you want some more detailed description on two of the recipes.

as midsummer came along here in Sweden I remembered how we tricked our uncle into eating my home made herring, not even realizing it was no bit of herring in it ;)

I wanted to give more people the chance.

I really loved the taste and consistency of all the different kinds of “sill” when I moved to Sweden and was not completely vegan 12 years ago, and guess what, it’s not so difficult to resemble the “real thing”.

you just take the main ingredients that make the taste, like mustard for the mustard herring, dill for the dill herring, onions for the onion version etc….

mushroom and eggplant slices that I pickled in applecider vinegar and salt for 2 days had to make do for the herring.

instead of gravy or yoghurt I used a cream base of cashew nuts and water, just make sure to spice it thourroughly, orherwise it tends to lean towards the sweet side.

sugar of course is replaced by f.ex. maple syrup.

all else is only fresh ingredients and spices or oils anyhow.

this year’s imaginations were the mustard herring, orange& herring, sweet onion herring, lingonberry&caper herring and a dillcream herring.

so, go ahead, go wild and crazy :)

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