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happy stomach for new year

got enough of all the sweets?

fermented greens is just what you need!

get safely through the times that both are daring your stomach and (as a result) your health, often we are more prone to colds when having stressed stomachs.

this is a real boost for your health, packed with good gutt bacteria that will keep you sane through holiday time.

quickly done and ready to eat in a couple of days.

in addition it’s a “left-over” recipe, bought too many greens?

just chop them in here.

for one glass you need:

about ½ kg of greens, this can be all from cabbage to carrots, here I used broccoli, some onions, even ginger to give it a more stingy taste, just take what you got and be creative. of course you can also just take one sort of vegetable.

2 teaspoons of salt

a ½ litre glass jar, both with screw on lids and mason jars worked for me.

chop up or shred the vegetables into small pieces, put in a bowl and toss in the salt, massage and squeeze thoroughly with your hands for a good five minutes. let sit for about 10 minutes until liquid comes out of the veggies.

then fill in layers into your glass jar and make sure to press everything down, so the vegetable juice covers everything. try to beat out all the air. the jar should be packed. Depending on hat kind of vegetables you got you need to dd some water in order to cover the vegetables. (boiled and cooled down)

close your jar and put on a tray, there will be liquid running out once the fermentation process gets going. let it sit in room temperature until you see bubbles coming up, usually after 1-2 days. open the lid to let access air escape a couple of times a day. let sit for 1-2 more days and then put into the fridge. here the fermentation process will stop.. you can eat it right away or let sit for some more days. when opening you can get some strong smell, often if you got kale veggies in it, but I promise, the taste is much much better.

keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks.

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