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fresh finger food for football fans

:) now my favourite team made into the semifinals again….

and it sure was a nerve wrecking game to get there =:0

so we nibbled away on nuts, seeds, kombucha….

but tonight we’ll be treating ourselves with vegan summer rolls, both raw and not so raw, something for all members of the team ;)

you simply chop loads of your favourite vedgetables into thin stripes, like avocado, carrots, cucumber, peppers, chilli peppers, sweet potatoe….add loads of your favourite greens like sallads, garden onions, cilantro, basil, …and add a gewy dip like peanut butter or tahin.

for the not so raw add for example rice noodles.

soak rice paper sheets in water until just soft, squeeze out all exess water and fill after your liking, roll tight and cut into handy bits.

and don’t forget the favourite dipping sauce, I think I’ll go ahead and mix something Thai style with garlic, sesame seed oil, tamarind sauce, tamari, peanut butter and chilli. hot enough to keep us awake, in case the game is too chilled ;)

for the kids there will be a softer version of course.

go keep your fingers crossed again for my team J it worked well for the World Champonships! thanks to you all <3

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