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christmas balls

the taste of Swedish “pepparkaka” just in a ball ;)

superfast and yummy treats for the sweet tooth

for about 20 pieces you need

4dl almonds (or bought almond flower)) 2 dl raisins

6 tbsp honey

2 tbsp rapseed oil

2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp clove powder

1 tsp ginger powder

a pinch of salt (ideally Himalaya salt)

coconut shreds for coating

in a food processor or mixer grind the almonds to a fine flower and pass over into a bowl, add the remaining ingredients, mix with a spoon or, even better, your bare hands and roll to small balls. roll in some coconut shreds.

let rest in the fridge for a while to have them become a bit more hard. they can even dry in the air or a dehydrator, this way they get a bit more crunch.

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