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and here some handpicked favourites for your summer party!

cream cheese dippers

a very simple and refreshing recipe to join in on any summer buffet.

1 dl cashews, soaked for about 2 hrs

juice of 1 lime

a pinch of herbal salt

different kinds of fresh garden herbs

1 avokado

1 tsp nutritional jeast (B-jäst)

simply mix everything to a creamy dipp & spritz on your favourite greens, crackers or breads. decorate as you wish.

healthy hearty dips and sticks

I love this dish as it is so flexible, fast to make, good to prepare and easy to bring along.

for about eight servings you need:


a big plate full of any crisp greens, veggies and beets, finely cut into sticks.

try to find as many different colors as possible in order to cover as many important nutrients as you can. Every color usually stands for a different selection of nutrients, free after the motto “eat a rainbow every day”.

tomato cashew dip

1 ½ dl soaked cashew nuts

8 sun dried tomatoes, finely chopped, soaked if very dry

1 dl basil leaves

keep the soaking water, you will need ca. 1 dl

add all ingredients into a blender and mix until creamy, you can add more water if the consistency is not right yet.

peanut chilli dip

2 dl peanut butter (made on your own in a food processor or meat mincer, or readily bought one, here try to get unroasted/raw)

1 pinch of salt

1 dl sesame oil (or any other oil)

juice of one lemon

1 pinch of chili (or more if not the kids are eating with you)

whip all ingredients together with a big fork until smooth, add more oil if needed.

Now simply decorate on a big plate and enjoy.

strawberry nice dream

for ca 1 liter:

ca. 200 g cashew nuts (ok, bought ;) )

ca 200 g sunflower seeds



ca. 400g ripe strawberries (or frozen ones)

put the nuts and seeds into a high speed blender and grind into a fine flower, continue mixing and slowly add water until you get a fluffy creamy consistency, then add the strawberries and mix until well worked together, add honey if needed, put into a nice container and into the freezer for a couple of hours. take out 1/4h before enjoying.

if you use frozen strawberries you can add them into the cream directly and mix (or blend in a food processor), then you can enjoy the ice cream directly.

Simple senapssill – ”mustard herring”

1 small eggplant

1 tsp salt

2 tbsp applecider vinegar

2 tbsp honey

5 tbsp mustard (best self made but for sure without sugar or other fakes)

1/2 tbsp ground white pepper

2 dl rapeseeds oil

take the skin of the eggplant, slice the white part of the eggplant in herringlike pieces, ca 55 mm thick. mix salt & vinegar and massage the eggplant with it. Let rest and steep for ca. ¾ h.

Mix the honey, mustard, white pepper, and oil and cover the eggplant bites once they are tender. Let sit and rest for at least two hours.

orange herring

2 hands full portobello mushroom

1 tsp salt

3 tbsp appelcider vinegar

2 dl cashew nuts


1 orange

1 small red onion

1 tbsp honey

a little black pepper

1 pinch of salt

1 small fennel

cut the mushrooms into mouth size ”herring bites”. Mix salt and vinegar and mix with the mushrooms; let sit and rest for ca, ½ h. in your blender, mix the cashew nuts to a very fine powder. slowly drizzle in water while blending until you get a creamy consistency.

finely grate the peel of the orange, squeeze out the juice, cut the onion into fine fine pieces and cut the fennel into ca. 2 x 0.5 cm slices. mix all ingredients except the mushrooms, season to taste with salt and pepper. cover the portobello mushrooms with the sauce after the have gotten tender.

Let sit and rest for at least another hour.

Note that once packaged into a beautiful and sealed glass, both “herrings” keep for about a week.

sweet green potato salad

potato can be something I miss sometimes, but sweet potato you can eat entirely raw. and having soaked these fine cut pieces for some days in a sauce of raw olive oil, lemon juice, ground pepper and Himalaya salt they got quite tender as well, without cooking.

the greens that add up for loads of the protein come entirely from the forest and the fields around where we use to celebrate midsummer in southern Sweden, young dandelion leaves, sorrel, clover….

chop these greens a bit smaller, add a good load of red onion, and the dressing that the potatoes have soaked in, add it into a creative bowl and your summer salad is ready :)

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