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Happy Easter - with a twist :)

Sweet Easter pie with a twist

Hej all easter bunnies!

11.00 am J in the midst of preparing and decorating the house my mother in law calls. I know I was the one to pitch in with a desert for today’s Easter Lunch. (14.00) for 4 people….but as so often, her lovely arms are wide open and the whole neighbourhood is welcome, too. It’s really like on Emil in Lönneberga’s Farm in Småland (an Astrid Lindgren favourit for you that shouldn’t know).

This leaves me with preparing desert for 14 people all of a sudden. =:o And it’s snowy outside, my radar was on cozy indoor time… So let’s get creative with what’s in the house.

You may recognize some of my former recipes in this, I just combined them & exchanged some ingredients (e.g. dates against dried plums) as I just don’t have all ingredients home right now and there is nothing in the world that gets me out right now.

Bottom layer:

1 dl carefully melted raw coconut butter

3 red peeled beets

1 dl raw cacao powder

2 tbsp agave syrup

2 dl dried plums

1 tsp vanilla powder

mix all ingredients in a food processor until you get a rough dough.

Put it in a medium size round spring form and chill it in the fridge while you make the next layer.

Middle layer:

5-6 citrus fruits (juice and scraped peel/ ca. 2 dl juice)

3 dl coconut flower

1 dl coconut butter 1 dl coconut crème

1 dl honey

in a strong mixer mix the coconut flower to a fat batter – the oil must come out, so mix for a good while. Then add the remaining ingredients and mix until you got a very fine cream. pour the cream on top of the bottom layer and chill again.

Top layer:

100 g carefully melted cacao butter

100 g carefully melted coconut butter

100 g agave syrup

1 tsp blueberry powder

1/2 tsp curcuma powder

in a bowl mix the cacao butter, coconut butter and agave syrup, divide into two batches, colour with the powders, one lilac and the other yellow,

divide it into two evenly sized portions and colour them with respectively powder, one yellow, one lilac. Chill again until it gets a thicker liquidity and and pour them over the stiffened pie in your decided pattern J

Et voilà, your Easter pie is ready. Decorate after your likings!

Now keep your fingers crossed now that the Småland neighbours are as excited about this cake as I am ;)

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