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alkalising spring greens

spring is finally here!!! and with it the first wild greens! a moment I have been waiting for in 5 months!!!

perfect timing for lowering your acid levels after all Easter feasting…. so run out into the garden, park or parking lot…and pick a handful of daffodil leaves, birch leaves or nettles and get ready for your alkalizing morning drink.

for 1 ½ liters you need:

2 apples in pieces 1 kiwi in pieces juice of I lemon 4 cm ginger meat of 1 avocado 1 handful of wild young green leaves (or spinach) ca. 3/4 liter of water into the mixer with everything and mix until just smooth! beware that mixing too long can make the avocado get overblended and bubbly. not what you want! pout into your favorite glass and enjoy. a tip is to take it along to work in a thermos, keeps you happy at least until lunch!

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