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plummy apple cream

Another fast apple recipe as all ripens at the same time.

Our friends Silke and Patrik have shared their harvest with us J thanks so much!

For about 4 dl you take:

2 apples, cut in smaller pieces

8 plums

And NO sugar! J

Just put everything in your mixer and process to wished consistency.


Simply use the cream as jam on your favorite crackers, as filling for apple pie or to top your morning porridge…..

This keeps in the fridge for about 3 days.

Your own apples all year round? Some more tips for preserving your apples without heating them over 42°. We take care of them in different ways right now a) drive the apples in a food processor to a rough cream and

freeze in small portions. Take up for apple pies, more creams,

smoothies, fruit leathers, you name it.

b) cut in rings and dry to apple rings, either in your dehydrator,

low heat oven or pull them on string or sticks and air dry.

c) or simply wrap them in newspaper one by one and keep in a

cool spot.

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