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peter’s fast smooooothy

I admit, I slowly but surely let my family enter the kitchen as well,

so here comes a VERY smooth smoothie that the man in the family served us for breakfast just recently. loaded with vitamins and all goodness he could find in our kitchen, your five servings of fruit per day :) and the best: it went INCREDIBLY fast. perfect for breakfast grouches!

for three glasses (or one thermos) you need about:

1 orange

1 kiwi

1 apple

1 banana

1 tbsp coconut oil

2-3 dl blueberry juice (100% juice!) or 1 dl blueberries and 2 ½ dl water

all goes into the mixer, mix until smooth add a little more liquid if needed.

and slurp!

a tip: instead of filling it in three glasses you can also fill it in a thermos and take it with you. this will keep you going through the morning, even through lunch.

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