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the FFF - favorite family food (superhealthy sweet potatoe pizza)

A “favorit i reprise” as the Swedes say, this became the favorite of the past week, certainly the right time of the year for the first cozy evenings at home :) and what else than a pizza does the deal?

I have been asked a lot of times these past days and finally wrapped my head around the exact recipe, BUT I really encourage you to take your own twists and turns an get a bit inventive on this one. I appreciate this recipe because you can use “what you got”, both for the crust and the “deco” you can use leftovers from other processes.

AND this is a great children’s meal as well, especially when they are in and helping decorate with their favorite ingredients!

This recipe involves a bit more preparation time than the other recipes so far, here you will need a dehydrator or oven that has a fan and can be turned down to under 50 °C. But once the crust is ready it’s simple to fix. And make sure once you decide to make a crust you do LOADS, so you have it at hand whenever you feel the pizza-itch. You can freeze the crust, but also keep it in a sealed bag for a couple of weeks once properly dehydrated.

Let’s get going:

Pizza crust: (for about 2 -3 oven trays) 1 big sweet potato, minced to pulp in the food processor

7 dl almond pulp (shredded almonds with a bit of water, I use the leftovers of making almond milk)

20 sundried tomatoes, soaked in water for ca. 10 minutes

2 table spoons herbs Provençal (e.g. oregano, thyme etc.) 2 dl line seeds ½ dl psyllium husk 5 dl water (ideally the soaking water from the dried tomatoes)

Mix all ingredients at once in a strong food processor, alternatively you make smaller portions at a time. It is even possible to just cut the tomatoes into small pieces and mix everything by hand. Let the dough sit for at least 10 minutes, so the psyllium and the line seeds can release their “glue” and combine everything to a sticky mixture, stir again until everything is mixed well and you don’t have any lumps. You should be able to still pour the dough. Spread evenly on sheets on your oventrays (on teflex or waxed baking sheets). Five millimeter is a good thickness. I then usually take a spatula and divide the layer into smaller squares, it’s easier to separate later, but you can also cut later on. Now dehydrate at 42°C for about 6-8 hours.

If you do not have an oven that runs on low temperatures you either bake at 50°C or simply decide to have a “non-raw” pizza crust and run on higher temperature but shorter time. When using a dehydrator check after a couple of hours, it can be good to turn the crust around, so you get it evenly dry from both sides.

It’s ready once it feels non-sticky and dry throughout, but not crumbly, then it got too dry. You can spray water on it and remoisten it in case this happened.


Tomato-sauce for the above amount of crust: 6 ripe big tomatoes 30 sundried tomatoes, soaked in water for ca.10 minutes 2 tbsp. of your favorite herbs, dried or alive (oregano, thyme, rosemary…) eventually some of the soaking water

Cut the ripe tomatoes into smaller pieces and put into your mixer or food processor first, then add the soaked tomatoes and herbs.

Give it a test run and see if you need to add some soaking water if it is too dry. Mix until it is a smooth, thick cream, not too runny.

Cashew cheese spread for the same amount of crust:

4 dl cashews, soaked for minimum ½ hour 4 tbsp. of B-yeast (nutritional yeast flakes) juice of 2 lemons (ca 2 dl)

2-3 pinches of salt

2 cloves of garlic (!do not take too much when using it raw!)

eventually some water

Put everything into a high speed blender or mixer and mix until you got a fluffy cheese cream, slowly add more water if it is too dry or crumbly and run again.

Spread the tomato sauce on the crust first, then add a layer of cheese spread.

And finally top with everything you want to have on your pizza (s). here I used tomato slices, olives, herbs, capers, mushrooms and thyme.

Now you got two choices: enjoy directly or for a more “real” feel carefully bake the pizza to hand warm in your dehydrator or oven, not over 42°.

And now you know what to do :P

I admit, abit of a longer process to start with, but SO worth it!

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