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yummy citrus morning treat

another fast breakfast recipe :)

as the berries start to get ripe in our garden I was looking for a nice complement to the sourly little gemstones.

this one goes extraordinarily well as breakfast but also as a cream to berries or frozen to icecream.

for two bowls of this treat you need:

meat of 2 ripe avocados

juice and grated peel of one lemon

250 ml of creamy coconutmilk

a dash of vanilla power

raw sweetener if you need (honey, akazia or agave sirap etc.)

berries and some good crunch to top

drive everything except the topping in a high speed blender to a smooth cream and top with the berries and crunch, chill for some minutes if needed, cuddle up in your favourite place and indulge.

#berries #coconut #avocado #breakfast #icecream

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