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snacks for your road trip

...and off all Swedes went on vacation....

these red beet snacks will save you some stops at nasty road stop restaurants... ;)

they are tasty, easy to cary on and will raise your concentration level when driving, plus keep your blood sugar on an even level.

I took "leftovers" from juicing and milking, but you can as well grind down fresh

vegetables and nuts. feel free to freestyle and exchange ingredients:

RED BEET SNACKS 1 dl roughly ground red beets

2 dl roughly ground cashew nuts

2 cm finely ground fresh ginger

10 dried soft apricots, finely chopped if not using a food processor (if too hard soak them in water for about 1 h)

1 tbsp not too runny honey (or more if mixture does not stick)

work all ingredients together by hand or in a food processor until it becomes a sticky dough. add more ground nuts if the mixture is too moist. roll the dough to níce praliné like small balls, makes about 20 pieces.

the snacks in the picture are dried in a dehydrator or oven at 42°C for about 8 hours, which makes them alst for a couple of months.

but you may as well bring them along in their original moist facon, then they should be chilled, they would last for about a week if you would not eat them before.

what's left to do than wish you a nice trip :)

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