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golden brown … ☺ crackers

“hipping” it off these days…

hej, it’s summer time and I am not in the measuring mood, but spending a lot of time preparing dry goods for the fall, so these golden orange crackers just came along as I was adding what I found in the kitchen.

and this is really what I would love to encourage you to as well, go ahead and try, shoot from the hips and you will see, much is possible without getting too stuck on recipes and planning.

for 5 sheets of these crackers I added the following into the blender:

½ liter almond flower (make it yourself by grinding or blending almonds)

10 sundried tomatoes

2 big yellow peppers

2 dl white flax seeds (don’t have those? replace with the brown ones!)

2 dl brown flax seeds

1 tbsp dried oregano

1 tbsp dried rosemary

1 tbsp himalaya salt

about ¾ liter of water (carefully added until consistency is right, like a loose dough)

I mixed it all, let it rest for a while until the glue in the flax seeds developed, strirred it thourroughly (add water if needed) and spread it ca 5mm high onto teflex sheets from my dehydrator.

then I dried it for about 6 hours.

Depending on your season andt emperature you can also try the sundried variation, no dehydrator needed J

this goes as my favourite treat for an afternoon break right now:

1-2 crackers with ½ avocado, loads of sprouts and some quickly mixed dressing (here a raspberry vinaigrette, rapsberries, apel cider vinaiger, olive oil, some salt)

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