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hawaiian dandelion

another recipe taking care of your cleansing and the spring greens popping up everywhere, even in the northern hemisphere - mind you we still just got around 10 degrees here in Southern Sweden…. :(

this recipe is inspired by the “inventor of green smoothies” Victoria Boutenko, we lowered the original amount of dandelion, tried it on our “not at all raw” grandfather, and he requested more!

no more complaining about the dandelion leaves in your beautiful meadows! here is how to get rid of them: (when we tried to pick some hands full in the parks of Malmö we could hardly find them however)

(for ca 1 liter)

4 cups freshly picked dandelion greens (ca 500ml) 2 cups ripe pineapple (ca 250 ml) 2 bananas

2 apples

4 cups water (ca 500 ml)

blend well in a high speed blender, add more water if neccessary, decorate to your liking and enjoy!!!

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