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leftover carrot minis

today I had the local newspaper over for three hours, curious about our raw life...

of course they got invited to a summer lunch by the lake :)

talking along I created some raw fast-food, it's a quick cuisine if you chose to...fennel soup, pad-thai salat, and of course, some delightful orange brownie (recipe you find in August 14's blog) and "leftover carrot minis" :

mini cup cakes made from the leftovers from Ejas juicing (apple & carrot pulp) and my nutmilking (almond pulp).

If you did not happen to make some juice or milk just now, just take fresh apple, carrots and nuts, ok?

for about 24 mini cup cakes you need:


1 dl apple pulp

4 dl carrot pulp

1 tbsp thick honey

3 dl almond pulp (or any fresh nut or seed flower)

1tsp cinnamon

a pinch of salt

grated rind of one lemon


juice of one lemon

1dl soaked cashews (or sunflower seeds)

2 tbsp of thick white honey

24 mini muffin forms

mix all ingredients for the dough thoroughly until the honey is evenly worked into the mix, do it by hand or with a food processor. the dough should have a crumbly consistency and stick together. if it's too wet add more nut flower, if it's too dry add some apple juice.

fill the muffin forms evenly.

you can enjoy them like this or dry them at low temperature (42) in your oven or dehydrator for several hours.

for the icing combine all ingredients in a blender - ideally high speed- and mix to a stiff, icing-like cream. if it's too dry add more lemon juice, if too saucy add more nuts.

spread on the muffins, decorate to your likings and serve.

keeps in a sealed container in the fridge for about three days. the icing can become a bit stale, so if you know you want to serve them later keep the icing in a separate container until needed.

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