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double chocolate cream feast

a very very delicious treat that will leave you with loads of satisfaction in both body, mouth and brain :)

and you choose:

ice cream feast or creamy mousse!

for six well-filled glasses you need:

2 dl soaked and drained cashews (8 hours)

4 tablespoons of raw chocolate powder

4 teaspoons maple sirup

1 tsp vanilla powder

4 tsp cacaonibs

2 dl of carefully melted raw coconut butter

berries and cacaonibs for decoration

add all ingredients except coconut butter and decoration into a highspeed blender or food processor and mix well.

keep on mixing and drizzle in the coconut butter, continue mixing until you have a smooth cream.

fill into decorative glasses and chill for ½ hour if you want to eat this as a mousse, otherwise refrigerate for at least 3 hours and take out 10 minutes before serving.

decorate just before enjoying this treat.

welcome to a ”natural high” :)

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