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for happy mornings with your kids (or just for your own amusement) I have a super quick chia porridge that fuels you with all the nutrients you want to start an active day with:

proteins, calcium, magnesium, omega fats, vitamins…

for 1 Willy you need:

2 tbsp of chia seeds

some vanilla powder

1-2 dl non-dairy milk (nutmilk, oatmilk, sometimes soy)

fruit for decoration, here gojiberries, apple, raisins and banana.

depending on the milk you take you want to a a dash of some healthy sweetener (honey, agave sirap, yacon sirap...)

soak the chia seeds and vanilla in the milk for at least 10 minutes, best over night, then they are ready once you need them.

slice the fruit and decorate everything nicely into a bowl.

Eat, enjoy and be happy (these nutrients will support you with it)

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