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baby crows

those highly nutritious superfood “pralines” we just whipped together before going to a little friends house for “fika”. they are made out of “left overs” from making almond milk and our famous red beet chocolate muffins (oh, I think, I still owe you the recipe….?!?) the dough turned out to be somewhat “nutella like”, so our little Eja actually ate part of it on broccoli stem slices that she decided were the perfect bread =:o

relax! you can enjoy them as shown on the picture….

as we “whipped” the recipe together the following ingredient list is all about “abouts”:

(makes about 20 baby crows)

about 2 dl almond pulp (from making almond mylk or ca 2 ½ dl soaked & ground almonds) about ½ dl coconut oil about 1 tbsp blueberry powder about 2 tbsp chocolate powder about 1 tbsp lucuma for sweetening (or 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp almond pulp) gojii berriesfor decoration

in a bowl mix all ingredients well and roll to about 2 cm balls.

decorate & chill for at least 15 minutes before serving.

if they are not eaten before, these little crows last for about 3 days in your fridge, or for another month in your freezer.

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