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morning bitter

so, you think I am having my green period?!? well, yes, it’s that time of the year and I have been LOOONGING for those greens to peek out again, long time no see in Sweden… today I could not help but free the first birch tree of it’s tiny tiny leaves. they are known for their vitalizing and cleansing attributes. add some chia and you have a very satisfying and cleansing start of the day.

for about ½ liter of smoothie you need: one handful of small birch leaves - the tough ones amongst you take more! 1 banana 1 tbsp of chia seeds about 400 ml of fresh apple juice alternatively birch sap (even more cleansing) depending of the size of your banana and how daring you are with the amount of leaves you have to add more liquid. combine everything in a high speed blender, mix and enjoy!

remember to drink plenty of water after a while, to support the cleansing.

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