raw chocolate eggs for Easter

April 1, 2015


in search for healthy alternatives to Easter goodies?
I got lots of ideas, not all are fulfilled yet, so you won’t see pictures.

some examples:
you could for example fill eggshells with chocolate cream (see topping of the recipe for the minty green crunch cake) , you can make bunny-shaped cakes with all cake recipes from this blog, use stencils or sharp knives to cut out Easter figures from greens or fruit, etc. there are no boundaries to your phantasies and creativity!


here comes a recipe for raw chocolate balls that you simply shape into Easter eggs ;)

for about 20 small eggs you need:

3 dl oats
3 tbsp raw chocolate powder
2 tbsp agave sirup
1 tsp vanilla powder
ca 2 dl melted coconut oil
some sprinkle for topping, here I used grated coconut

mix all dry ingredients in a mixer or food processor until you have a fine crumble. then drizzle in the coconut oil and mix thoroughly until the dough sticks together. form balls or eggs and roll them in the topping you chose.

done! J a fun activity to do together with your children! 

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