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juice fast she thought….

well, after having eaten my last semla, partied a bit on the weekend and having started a new week I thought it was time to fast a bit myself....

that was 10 days ago...I really got myself into a very strikt fast, laying in bed with

40 degrees of fever, screaming headaches and a big fat cough....

so waht happened?

against better knowledge I tried to "ripp off" my juice fast. from 0-100. never do so!!!

your body can almost get shocked and if some virus is already lingering around it sure will breake out!

introduce a juice fast gently, so your body can adjust: wind down eating and start to drink more water, reduce the caffeins in case you use them and move around, but no heavy sports to start with. do this over the course of some days. then you start to introduce the juices. they will do magic for you, but be aware that you can get quite some clensing sensations in hte beginning, head aches, shivers, bad moods ;) it does not have to happen, but be aware of it. be nice to yourself, bathe and relax. it's good to start a fast on a weekend when you got time.

fast as long as you feel fine with it, don't over do it!

for some 1/2 day fast is ok to start with, some fast for a week or two. it's very personal and one should not compete.

so now I am back on track again & the juicing continues :)

my all time favourite right now is "grape fruit-aplle-blueberry", getting my energy back on track, boosting my immune system and tingling all the taste buds that there are!

for more recipes look up the blog "Varkala's juice fast" from december.

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