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dare a Swedish “semla”

the Swedes amongst you will know, for the others:

“semla” is a traditional Swede-sweet treat that you are supposed to eat the day before lent begins. you are to eat something really fatty and sweet so you will survive the fasting ;)

well, the advantage with a raw semla is that it is healthy, so my approach –hence the delay- is, that you can ALWAYS eat it! and my test-eaters stated: close your eyes, enjoy & you think you eat a real semla!

OBS! for this recipe you need a dehydrator or an oven that you can put on low temperatures.

SO, this is how you go about for 10 middlesize semlas:

the bun:

- 6 tbsp ground chia seeds (light ones if you have, I didn’t)

- 4 dl yellow line seeds, ground

- about 6 dl water

- 1 dl cashew nuts, ground to a fine flower

- 4 tbsp agave syrup

- 1 tsp ground cardamom

- some Himalaya salt

mix the line seed flower, the chia flower and the water in a bowl, and let it rest for about 15 minutes, while stirring occasionally, so you don’t get any lumps.

add the cashew flower, the cardamom powder and the salt and mix everything in a food processor until you get a very even dough.

water your hands ad roll about 10-12 buns, set them in your dehydrator or oven at 42°. dry for about 8 hours.


- 4 dl skinned, ground almonds (preferably soaked and dehydrated, so you got rid of the access acid and made them even more nutritious) alternatively you use ready almond flour.

- ca 3-4 tbsp of water

- 4 tbsp of thick white honey

- a tiny bit of Himalaya salt

mix all ingredients to a very fine marzipan, best you do this in your food processor.

whipped cream

- 4 dl cashew nuts or brasilian nut, soaked for at least 20 minutes

- 3 dl water

- 2 tbsp agave syrup

- juice of one lemon

- 1 tsp of vanilla essence

- some coconut flower for decoration

mix all ingredients in a high speed blender until you get a very fluffy cream. Add more water if it’s too stale or a tiny bit of psyllium powder to make it more thick.


cut a little lid off the bun, carve out some of the dough and mix it with the marzipan. refill the bun with that mixture. spritz the whipped nut cream on top and top with the lid.

sprinkle some coconut flower over and….mhhhhhhmmmmmmm!

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