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finally, finally we got our new batch of blueberry juice freshly from the woods of northern Sweden :) (ok, they were frozen by now)

so our daughters favorite breakfast dish is back on the menu!

(psst, have a look on our product page…maybe we got some juice left)

trying to avoid milk products this is a real alternative to yoghurt, supporting you with even more nutrients and NO artificial sugar! loves your your stomach in the morning with the probiotics and you even get your good share of calcium… and if you top with strawberries you exceed the calcium of a simple yoghurt by far!

for 1-2 portions you need:

1 ripe banana of medium size

1 ripe avocado of medium size

1 tbsp probiotics (liquid or pulverized, I use Probiform)

1 dl blueberry juice (alternatively 1 dl blueberries and water as you need)

some fruit for decoration

now you simply mix everything in a blender to a creamy “ghurt”

add more liquid if needed, the amount depends on the size and ripeness of your banana and avocado.


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