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last minute new year cake :)

want to make sure you got the right taste on your lips morphing from 14 into 15?

let sweet memories pass by and welcome a sweet future to come :)

being another homage to India -the country that gave us energy, light and love in the past weeks- this New Years desert ranges from orange to white and green.

Inspired by a ladoo recipe (Indian sweet treat) this was created with what our little holiday home had to offer.

for the dough:

grated peel of 2 lemons

juice of 1 lemon

ground skin of 8 cardamom capsules

3 tbsp honey

coconut butter, carefully melted

600 ml coconut flower

400 ml rice flower

500 ml fat coconut milk

this recipe was created with us people on the northern part of the globe in mind, there are still no cocnuts growing on the trees in, if you are lucky enough to get a hold of real fresh coconut you can replace the coconut milk and flower with the meat of 2 small fresh coconuts

for the green decor:

1 tbsp green powder (here I used the latest, the super nutritious moringa leaves)

juice of 1 lemon

coconut flower

carefully melted coconut oil

fresh fruit of your choice, I got hold of a giant papaya yesterday

simply mix all ingredients for the dough in a food processor until you got a smooth marzipan-like consistency, the coconut oil gets added last. depending on the quality of the flower you use, the consistency may vary, just add more juice, honey or flower in order to get it right.

to form the dough into the wished shape use the best form giving tools you got : your bare hands :)

let the cake rest in your fridge while you mix all ingredients for the frosting.

take the cake out, decorate, arrange the fruit around it and serve :)

Finally I want to thank you for visiting this site during 2014 and wish you a GREAT transition into a wonderful new year.

2015 is said to have a lot to offer! ❤️

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