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almost a coffee latte

Not made from coffee beans but mesquite beans :)

I want to introduce a super food to you today for some good reasons: mesquite - rich in fiber, protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and the amino acid lysine.

Since it’s getting quite cold out there and the longing for a warm drinks is big I mixed up something that does not – as coffee does - drain you from the essentials named above, on the contrary, it stuffs you with the things most of us have a lack off.

Mesquite does not need insulin in order to be taken up by our bodies, so it balances the blood sugar level and the rich fiber level keeps that level steady, your bowels get to work for a while and you won’t get hungry soon again.

(On top it tastes sweet like toffee, is great in smoothies and you can even exchange parts of your flower when baking with mesquite.)

For a big glass you take:

3 teaspoons mesquite powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon powder 2 teaspoons lucuma powder (another superfood that adds even more sweetness)

½ teaspoon vanilla powder 1 teaspoon pulverized anise seeds 2 ½ dl 42°C warm water, nut- or oatmilk

Put everything in a high speed mixer, blend until creamy,

fill into a nice glass or cozy mug and enjoy zip by zip.

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