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Apple season!!!

This week you will get a couple of ideas on what to do with the huge amounts of apples ripening as we speak.

Best to eat right away of course, but hand on heart, more than one apple a day? ;)

The idea to this mouthwatering and super refreshing juice comes from a good friend’s mum, it’s so delicious we were about to make a couple of liters.

For this you need a juicer, best a slow juicer so you keep all the nutrients and antioxidants which easily go up in air in the fast juicers.

Don’t own a a juicer?

The amazing Kate Magic sais she just puts all ingredients to her juices in a mixer or food processor, processes, strains it then through a nutmilk bag and presses the juices out with her bare hands, goes much faster and gets you really in touch with your juice ;)

Either way:

For three glasses of juice you need:

8 apples, unpleeled

4 medium big red beets, peeled

1 lemon, unpeeled but thoroughly washed

Simply put all into your juicer, juice, mix the juice evenly and pour into your favorite glasses.


Oh, by the way: Make sure you don’t throw away the leftovers, they are very valuable and high on fibers and nutrients and you can make crackers, raw balls (see e.g. snacks blog from 2nd of july), fruit leathers etc. with it. You can freeze the leftovers and save until you have enough for making bigger amounts.

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